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About our company

Our online writing assistance is one of the leading on the Internet platform. We are proud of our team members. Our team consists of different members, like customer support representatives, writers, editors, managers, etc. The great thing about us is that we do not work individually – we work as a whole team.

Our writers are experts in specific fields of knowledge. At the same time, they are broad-minded and knowledgeable. To be a writer it’s not enough just to be able to produce quality content. It takes way more effort and skills, like punctuality, the ability to communicate with clients, long-time experience in a variety of fields of knowledge, etc.

It was not only writers who took us to the top. It is also our dedicated customer support team. We only hire those people who are passionate about communicating with others and providing the best service possible. These people are happy to occupy this position and will always help students with any type of question or problem they have. They have been throughout the testings and trainings.

We’ve decided to provide examples of different orders. It will not only help you decide with what type of paper you need but also show you the approximate type of content that we provide. With these samples, you will be able to see if we are matching with the style and requirements that you have.

Our prices are pretty loyal. We will never strive to be the cheapest service on the Internet. Those, who are the cheapest, hire beginners who, as a rule, are not capable of producing quality content. That is why by ordering cheap services there is a chance of getting low-quality content.

On the other hand, we will never put the highest price because it will not be fair to our clients. We will always strive for equality. We think that it is fair that our writers, who will get paid accordingly to the level of professionalism they are at. Plus, we make the prices fair so students can afford any type of writing they need.

In addition to fair prices, we do provide some extras. You can order:

  • Any writer you want with any academic level;
  • Plagiarism report;
  • Double proofread and editing;
  • Summary;
  • VIP status that will help you to be the top client.